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Leaders and Learners met at the Strong Advice Leadership Development workshop

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Leaders are learners, and great learners become great leaders. The Leadership Development Workshop allowed individual leaders to learn how each can become a great leader through best practices and self-assessment.

The workshop was held at the magnificent Al Manzil Hotel and Resort in Dubai. The hotel, which sits closely to the foot of Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) is a wonderful example of Arab hospitality. The elegant hotel showcases a unique touch to service and a vibrant ambience which permeated the entire experience.

The workshop focused on the roles and responsibilities of leaders using Wiley’s Everything DiSC Work of Leaders, a self-assessment tool. The tool was used to help the represented leaders understand themselves and how their strengths and weaknesses impact their effectiveness as they lead their teams. As one participant said, “The workshop helped me to understand those aspects of leadership I am really good at, and also the areas that I need to devote more energy to, in order to successfully lead a team.”

The beauty of bringing leaders from different backgrounds is the resulting collage of experiences. Participants shared and sometimes laughed at their similar and distinct experiences in leading different people with their different behavioral preferences.

Facilitating the workshop, Mr. Mike Strong systematically led the group in an introspective journey; equipping them with new framework for increased effectiveness in leadership. Tapping into his decades of experience in developing and enabling leaders, he helped the participants unpack some effective ways of applying the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders framework in their various organizations. Another participant shared:

“The Leadership Development workshop exposed me to both areas of personal strength and weakness that are critical for me to understand in order to work effectively within my organization’s structure.”

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn how Strong Advice can help you develop superior leadership competencies in your organization. Or join us in Bahrain for the next Leadership Development Workshop on September 14th at the Ramada Hotel.

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