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Strong Advice launches new Service Offerings – Online coaching

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Leveraging technology for the advantage of serving clients anywhere

Strong Advice is once again demonstrating its high resolve to provide cutting edge solutions to its valued customers and clients! The company is launching today an Online Coaching program for leadership development. This new addition to its many powerful but personalized service offerings is a response to the increasing needs of leaders for coaching services. Our clients want to lead effectively and Strong Advice is committed to help!

This new offering reflects their senior management’s commitment to providing organizations and individual professionals with the right tools to increase effectiveness and begin to thrive in today’s highly dynamic workplace. The program is especially advantageous to those who have previously been unable to access the benefits of leadership development due to time and geographical constraints. By this step, the company has now strengthened their commitment to provide “strong advice” wherever the client may live and work!

Mike Strong, Founder and CEO of Strong Advice described the potential of this new service. ”Now we have globally experienced leaders on our staff who are immediately available to anyone around the globe! As one who is passionate about developing leaders, I am excited about opening this new door of opportunity to coach people and support organizations in places where we could not go before. Just by a click of a link, a leader can get the support, advice and encouragement needed to excel anywhere in the world!” 

Strong Advice desires each of their clients to thrive! They offer the use of the following flagship suite of online coaching programs, to improve:

• Personal/Professional effectiveness, 

• Leadership practices/development, 

• Time mastery/effectiveness, and 

• Coping and Stress Management. 

This is a strategic step for Strong Advice to use technological advancements to serve customers according to their time and their convenience. They will continue to seek better ways of harnessing future technology for their client’s maximum benefit! To find more information about this service or ways you can avail yourself of this personal growth opportunity, email your questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website.

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